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Howdy Partner!

Tomorrow I fly back to London. Not a minute too soon. But not for long. TC and I head out to Amsterdam Sunday, he’s shadowing me on a business trip. Pot head, is all I can think.

I’ve been in touch with my consuls, Prof. Tim (in Chicago) and Paul (my good friend in DC). After vividly discussing the Hispanic male contestants on American Idol (white dudes in search of brown love), he got down to business. Unfortunately, his comments echoed much the same of what Paul had told me.

The general consensus, they are worried I’m gonna get real attached to TC. That might be OK. But the un-said fear, TC might not get sooo attached to me. I hate these two for knowing me this well, but they needen worry. After so many years, I’ve come to find, things seem to happen for a reason. TC blew into my life for a reason and if the winds blow him back out, well, so be it.

How many times have you seen someone clutching to a relationship that’s past it’s prime? Desperately holding out hope that all will be well. Investing emotional capital while the other person is seemingly unaware or uninterested in the subsequent results. Usually ending in disaster.

But in this midst of all this, sometimes you can’t be a long term thinker. It’s good now, looks good for tomorrow and who cares about next week. The one day at a time is tough for those of us who think long term, but with all the change I’m undergoing, baby steps should be congratulated.

Wish me luck, I’m diving back in.

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  1. You know all of the probable downside to the relationship. You also know how good it makes you feel (most of the time)…’re right, if it doesn’t last “FOREVER” it has been good for you for today.

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