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How to tell if your husband is gay?

My wife continues on her internet search and found the website Gay Husbands written by author Bonnie Kaye who’s written an entire book on “how to tell if your husband is gay”.  As a freebie she includes a basic checklist. My wife confronted me to tell me I was an instant winner by having matched all of the conditions.

For any wives who found this blog, I’ve got a much simpler checklist. Has your husband sucked cock? If the answer is YES, then your guy is gay. Because once a cocksucker, always a cocksucker.

One of the checklist items is “has your husband had 2 or more homosexual encounters?”. Well what exactly is a “homosexual encounter”? I mean if I stuck my cock through a hole in a wall and got a blow job from something on the other side, does that qualify?  If some guy pokes his prized latex toy up my rectum until I say Uncle, does that make the grade? I mean, you’ve got to be careful how you classify people. It’s just not fair.

I’m just trying to lighten things up.


  1. Your comment is soooo true…my first guy, Andy, before we actually did anything, sat me down and said to me…”You realise that once you’ve had cock, you’ll always want cock…there’s no going back”…at the time, I didn’t really understand and just agreed, because I really really wanted to get into his pants. But it was sooooo true!!!

  2. Omg. I know it’s supposed to be serious and all but this post had me busting out laughing here at work 😛 I liked your checklist better haha

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