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Last night here in lovely Toronto, Tiger Cub and I are out at a nice 2nd floor terrace restaurant with his best childhood girl friend. Hot, a real take charge kinda of girl, woman on top, all that sort of stuff and she’s protective as hell about TC.

So tonight I will get interrogated by her. Chris is apprehensive. But the night goes off well, I can be charming when it’s needed. Being polite, truthful, a little humor and self deprecation goes over well with anyone. She was quite interested in how I felt about woman, more specifically having sex with them.

Over a year ago, I wrote about the infamous Kinsey scale which ranked one’s sexuality from 0 to 6 (6 being all-star gay). At the time of my writing, I put my own rank down as a 3 or 4. I’m afraid I’d still say I was a 3 or 4 today.

So, she asked, “Would you sleep with a woman today?” Well come a little closer baby and find out, why YES would be the answer. She looked in disbelief and commented that she knew for a fact that TC would never sleep with a woman and the mere thought of a vagina gets him nauseous.

This middle ground position sucks (and not in that good way). But gay guys are much more aware and accepting of a sexual continuum, so I find it more comfortable around them. I can’t imagine a woman dealing with me now. “You had sex with a man ?????”

TC’s girl friend is in the fashion business and told about this hot male model who matter-a-factly said he’d had sex with another guy and it “just didn’t do it for me” and now dated woman exclusively. The fact he could talk about it openly was great and he realized that few of us are true 0 or 1’s on the scale.

I’d say this whole little journey has opened my normally black n’ white eyes, that shades of grey are indeed possible.



  1. What an interesting post. But yeah, I can relate to TC – the thought of a vagina actually makes me nauseous. I guess I must be at least a 5 then!! 😉

  2. Great post! It’s so great your little cub’s girlfriend beign protective about her little cub. You and little cub are so cute together! Did she comment on what a great couple you guys make? I have never seen as intimiate and significant a relationship as the two of you have, gay or straight. It is so rare to find such a strong bond between two people, and it is absolutely admirable when one finds and perceives it. Surely little cubs girl saw it between you and TC. Give us more! Love your blog.

  3. Great post. I have been meaning to post something like this for a long time. If sexuality were just black and white my life would surely be less complicated. Enjoy your blog.

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