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Gay married man coming out story

How do you know?

I’m sitting on an early morning Easyjet flight to Amsterdam and this mid 20s white guy with a buzzed hair cut sits down next to me. He’s cute, but I don’t normally go for white meat, and as you all know. I’ve sworn off men for a little while.

I’m checking him out while he’s in a familiar chat with a flight attendant. Somehow, I strike up a conversation with him (at least try and act surprised). Turns out he’s a pilot and he’s quite chatty himself, asking me a ton of questions and offering a lot of personal details about himself.

The smile, the eyes and his fresh outlook has me enchanted. I’m totally taken with him. He’s quite eager to talk with me, so it seems. We somehow start talking about theater shows and how one actor played a role “a bit too camp”. Then on to a story about some passenger with HIV whose medication routine prompted a flight delay. Well my gaydar goes fing ding.

Well, the plane lands, he waits for me at the end of the jetway. He’s shorter than me. I’m thinking yeah baby. We walk together still talking to passport control and he is again waiting past that point.

I’m not sure what I should say. “Are you gay?” seems a bit forward, I mean, we were just passengers chatting on a plane, something I’ve done hundreds of times before. But I felt a force, and it wasn’t purely sexual. So another one gets away .

If he was giving me signals, he could have easily say, “would you fancy a drink sometime”, but he didn’t nor did I take the first step. As you know, I’m not scared to make the first move, but in a gay bar or someone obviously flaming (and you know exactly which type I’m talking about), I’m cool making the approach.

I could alway open with “fellatio is an under appreciated art” but then again maybe not.


  1. WHAT??? You let him get away??? Are you crazy??? You could’ve simply asked him for a drink…maybe he wasn’t sure about you either and so hoped you were going to make the first move!!! sigh…

  2. Pilots are totally HOT….but it’s hard to make the first move. Maybe you should try the other WHITE meat! LOL

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