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Gay married man coming out story

How am I supposed to know?

I’m enroute home. I can’t help but get in trouble. I wandered into the salon yesterday to pick up the brown tiger. I came via bike and was a bit wind blown. Into the chic salon I come, beautiful girl standing in the reception and I of course start to chat with her. The brown tiger comes out, evil eyes and beckons me back. What — another hot girl with beautiful hair and eyes, TC is working on her. He introduces her and I comment how beautiful she is. She is. It’s a compliment right?

Outside on the street I get a stern lecture about talking to clientèle, the first girl is a super model, host of various TV shows and a national figure in Canada. The other is some super rich little girl ultra high maintenance well know socialite who is ferried around in a private jet by her ‘daddy’. Damn – I want a ‘daddy’ too, might even put out for him!

TC is in his element, working the haute couture and monied of society. He’s doing a great job and I am quite proud of him. The #1 stylist is older & established and I can see despite my growling tiger’s objections, he’s nurturing TC along. Despite what I might want, I think TC is doing the right thing.

Like we do, we quickly fell back in rhythm with each other. Me causing mischief and him coming with strong disciplinary action.  He growled, but he purred as well. We’re just happy together. It’s a nice feeling.

I have no wisdom for what the future holds. But recognizing the typical struggles homos find in obtaining and maintaining a relationship, we candidly agreed to maintain status quo because all elements of our relationship work.

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  1. Yes. You too need each other….enjoy it:) It is hard being gay and single!

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