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It’s Wednesday night! College Night at Toronto’s The Barn. A dark cavernous club on Toronto’s famed Church Street and tonight it will be filled with all sorts of my favorite crispy treats, brown, Asian and polite white boys. The perfect spot for this great white shark to go seal hunting. But alas, the growl from the corner indicates I can’t go.

But TC can go and he’s booked with his friend (the same one in a semi relationship I’ve written about) to go. Fine, pup needs a night out, he’s not dangerous plus tonight is cheap drinks, how can you resist? He’s hurrying to shower up and posse out. I’m going to bed.

A few hours later, the brown tiger calls, it’s only midnight, I’m waiting to hear him shouting over the loud club noise about some Asian twink he just saw that is “my type” (most Asian twinks are my type, ok, so all Asian twinks are my type, but let’s focus on the real story) and to proclaim his jealousy. But the call is silent.

TC is curled up in bed, half asleep. “You didn’t go out”, I ask. “No, I didn’t wanna”, he yawns. Ah my brown tiger. A soft growl is heard.  I have pointed out my observations to him about how gay guys get stuck in a continual circle of seeking love, but finding only sex, along the way, they become callous & cold, the gay professional, they know the drill, complain about it continually, but do nothing to change it because, after all, they know the drill. It’s like smoking cigarettes an addiction and you find comfort with your peers in some chatroom or bar. Safety in numbers or rather acceptance.

I think TC is a changed pup. He looks at his many gay friends differently, almost all following a well worn pattern. He recognizes only he can change and he has. He knows what he wants. Sadly, it’s old, graying and putting on some weight. But hey in a dark room you might not notice.

I’m off to Toronto next week. Time to go see my pup. He’s all happy. I’ve already been banned from Church Street, meeting any of his twinkie friends (read – all of his friends) and likely be stuck hanging out with vagina, but mainly, we’ll be together doing fun stuff like grocery shopping, bickering at each other, watching TV. Ah married life.


  1. he’s so cute. wondering though. Why did he not call you until midnight? Oh boy, good thing he’s not my brown tiger. I have such a horrible, synical, suspicious (some would call realistic, others call it sarcastic) view of the world. Perhaps he did go the club? Just wondering.

  2. Hey, you’ll be in Canada… could make it legal…..oh wait that would be polygamy……you should probably get that divorce first. Don’t want you to end up in the poky.

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