Yesterday morning, I checked luggage, went through security and passport control in under 5 minutes at the Hong Kong airport. It is the model of both effectiveness and efficiency. Cathay Pacific upgraded me to business class and I rode the 10 hours to Melbourne with the full attention of 3 delightful flight attendants, two meals, a snack and 2 hours of sleep in my little bed. A happy camper.

I realized that I am thoroughly disgusted with America. The country reminds me of the British. Regaling in a time that has now gone by. Thinking they are leaders, when in fact, they’ve fallen behind. Poor service, crumbling infrastructure (the security line at Chicago’s O’Hare looked like a Turkish bazaar and was equally organized by the Neo-Nazi style Homeland Security). I only calmed down a bit once I realized the aircraft was in Canadian airspace safe from their “protection”.

America though is a land of great opportunity. You can do or be anything. You can make it or not make it here (or there as the case may be), it’s up to you. 2 years ago a few of us threw in some petty cash and started a little side business and today it’s the livelihood for 5 people. No one from the government helped. But America just allowed it to happen. No red tape, no hassles, we just did it.

I get upset when people fail to take advantage of the opportunities & freedoms they have. Having lived a large portion of my time outside of the US, I have a unique prospective. America quit whining and step up your game.

My previous posting has re-motivated me. There are great things to do, great people to work with and great places to see.  I need to continually step my own game up, challenge the boundaries, push on the opportunities. I and you have nothing to lose. If you get upset at something I write, good, but don’t channel that energy in my direction (as you know I don’t care), channel it in your direction to your gain.

I remain a closeted optimist.