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Flew back to DC last night. TC home alone. I already miss him. He’s by himself for the next week in London. It will give him some time to settle in.

I’d rushed back Thursday from mainland Europe on the Eurostar and got home all pumped to go out. Chris had gotten domesticated and had gone shopping and fixed a nice dinner. Like a cat leaving their scent, he had been thru the apartment arranging things to his liking. All-in-all I’m pretty lucky to have him. He keeps his guard up. I am difficult creature to deal with. Happily, we settled in for the night. Dinner & a movie. It was all quite normal and sweet, except for a little pawing by me (got to keep my claws sharp you know).

We talked yesterday (Friday) at lunch. He and we have some more decisions looming. I worry about the pressure and pace simple due to time constraints (his visa expiring) may be too much. But we’ve dealt with other things so far so good.

I arrived home in Washington and almost at once wish I hadn’t made the trip. My wife has totally checked out on me. She’s not mad. It was all quite pleasant, but she’s clearly moving on with her life. I’m happy and sad all at the same moment. She’s making her own plans and they don’t include me.

She stills feels a draw to me though. Chatting today, she snorted that I probably wouldn’t be paying much attention to her had I found someone already. Little does she know.

6 more nights until I re-board and wing my way back. I’m counting’em down.

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  1. Will at least you’re not smitten……(6 more days indeed)

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