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Talking to Single in the City (he’s got strep, wonder how, me no saying, dirty nasty boy, nope keeping it a big secret, not telling).  Listening to him yelp reminds me a lot of TC. I encouraged him to seek out a married guy with kids, or rather ex-married guy. He hadn’t really thought about this, but I think it’s the right medication for him.

Single Guy like TC, have strong family ties, a desire to settle down, get out of the homo rat race, a willingness to bond for something that beyond a month. I suggested a married guy might well provide him all of these things. An instant family, a captain who likely has already gone the distance and someone looking as well to escape the escapades of life in the gayborhood. He scratched his head and reckoned I might be on to something. I suggested he make that a criteria for what he was looking for and see what he turns up.

TC catches himself often, he will be yipping endlessly about something very self centered and I’m well programmed to nod “yes, dear, right away dear” and he will ring off only to call back a bit later, realizing he’s been had by a professional relationship person. He’s usually purring happy that I didn’t up the anty on him or get all bitchy on him. It’s in these rare moments, he realizes why he’s connected to me.

I used to be shy about telling someone I’d just met any version of ‘my’ story. But as I’ve discovered, we are a highly valuable commodity to a certain group in the gayborhood. We need to advertise our availability and take applications from only those most serious about playing. Take what we might perceive as a negative and turn it into a marketable item.


  1. I love it. There’s the Single Guy update. Yes. I probably did get strep throat from kissing a troll…that troll in DC..dirty little whore. Grandma is more kissing until marriage! I’m gonna find myself an ex-married man..not a married man…

  2. Chris tried to quiet rumors that he has a crush on SG but if you look, the last few posts have all been about SG. Perhaps Chris is grooming SG to be his life raft if TC does not work out after all. Just saying . . .

  3. Boy, “fan of casey” is really trying to stir up some trouble, isn’t he?

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