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Hey, I’m a guy OK

TC is always busting me for checking out some cute guy and Cologne, being a university city has loads of them. I always chuckle, how can he can jealous of me? Graying 47 year old, I’m not sure my claws are that sharp anymore or in fact ever were. “But I’ve seen you in action and please stop growling out loud, it’s embarassing!”, he says to me.

TC has a terrible jealous streak. He wants to be the center of my attention (and is for the most part). He worries more if he’s not around what I will do. He values our relationship and sexual fidelity is a big part of that. He caught his last big boyfriend cheating. Chris had suspected something was amiss and had taken a day off from work to stand outside his BF’s apartment and see another guy leaving. I can imagine how painful that was.

TC sees me innocently going to a gay bar, couple of drinks, me chattering away with some cutie and cool nearby apartment, some wine in the frig and bing bang, another sleep over is in the log book. He also knows me too well and will smell when I’ve wandered off the ranch. He can see himself getting hurt.

I hope that doesn’t happen. My limited sleep over experience says that it’s a bad chinese meal. But TC knows all too well how guys can be and I checked again this morning and sure enough, I’m still a guy. But I’m changed by the experience with TC. I like how we live together and play house. It’s comfortable to snuggle on the couch watching a movie, to care for each other.

I will admit I oogle guys sometimes just to get busted. It’s a little game between us, keeps things electric. I oogle to get busted, just so he knows I’m aware of the market and he busts me to let me know he still cares about me. Of course, once I’m busted for some infraction, I shower attention on him for the next bit (which he sucks up like a dry sponge). Rinse and repeat as necessary.


  1. Hey…..what, does he want a blind boyfriend. I’ve read this blog from the start and as much as you’ve picked up guys, especially when you moved into the DC flat, I never really got the impression that you really did much with them. For you I think it’s the pursuit.
    Tell TC we’ll be keeping a close eye on you for him. He has nothing to worry about as long as “we” are around.

  2. Ha ha! Love ya style! 😉

  3. I like your style also! Look but don’t touch is a great policy. From everything you’ve posted, it is clear to all of us that you are the most faithful guy that ever lived. Tell that little cub to stop worrying so much! You too are it for life as far as we can all tell.

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