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I'm burning into the weekend, I'm liking being unemployed, work is just so highly over rated, wondering whether I can make a career out of it? Reconnecting with many old colleagues, looking at shiny technology objects. Let Rome burn for the moment, new stuff will come in it's place. I'm going to be ready. Patience my student.

Tiger Cub needs to be do'd again. Yelping on the phone. Damn – didn't I just do'd him Monday and now he needs attention. This summer we made it almost 2 months apart, and previously we made it 2 weeks apart, now it's less than a week. At this rate, I'm gonna be dead in a year.

The reality is we've grown closer together with of these challenges. Relationships aren't truly validated until you've hit some rough seas. But constant storms aren't good either. I realize this is TC's first "serious" and most long term relationship. I watch him carefully (stuffing his face with ketchup potato chips), he's trusting his instincts and emotions and is laser focused on making our relationship work (and keeping a hawk's eye on my tendency to chat up boys, I keep telling him I'm a catch n' release hunter).

TC is sensing & feeling, I have been surprised with his often spot on prospect about things as he offers me advice. Along the way, TC has shown compromise. He's adjusting to me, knowing where our comfort zones are, turn on's and off's and little nuances that we all have. At my ripe ole age, I admitted to him, I may be more difficult to change, the concrete having set long ago, sadly he may have to show more latitude than I can offer.

Compromise, latitude, changing – a relationship is like flying a helicopter, a balanced act of coordination of all your senses.

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  1. Actually I think both you and TC and well beyond where most relationships began. Catch and release, yeah……not really. And as for TC he’s demanding but only for those things you enjoy.
    Trust your instincts, you’ve been together for a year…’s not like it’s a one night stand.

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