Here kitty kitty kitty

Ah drama, no homo life is complete without loads of it. As readers know, Scrappy, my partner/BF/growling tiger returned to tend his sick mother in Toronto in early August leaving me alone here in Hong Kong. Scrappy is happiest if I stay in my apartment at night, he definitely doesn’t like me hanging out with any other gays, mostly because I’m a professional mouser.

Last night, bored, I went to a local gay bar, it’s a slow Wednesday night, to have 1-2 drinks. It’s not hard for me to engage in a conversation and Asians often like big white dudes (guilty). So it doesn’t take long for me to be chattering away. In the midst of this, Scrappy calls (he only calls 5-15 times a day). I decided (probably wrongly) to ignore the call.

Ignoring the call triggers Scrappy to go into avalanche calling mode. He proceeds then to ring my phone about 20 times in 30 minutes. I ignore all of them. I’m mousing.

The reason is simple, he will immediately ask what I’m doing and more importantly who I’m talking with and then get all fumed up, usually hangs up on me, call back, bark some more and then hangs up again. It’s a real buzz killer.  So I elect to call him as I’m walking home (about 11.30 p.m.).  Off course I might as well have walked over the top of a hornet’s nest, he was buzzing like never before.

I like to keep things simple. We are all guilty of unnecessarily adding complexity to our lives. It’s far too hard to deal with a bunch of crap. What do I want? I want Scrappy to come home. I am happy when we’re together and immediately lose any interest in mousing. It’s that simple.

Scrappy is worried about his mother, he left Hong Kong on 5. August and it’s now a month. His mother is supposed to go for a check-up on September 15th (BTW she is roaming about the house  and not sick at the moment) and in theory may have more surgery in mid-October. Scrappy is positioning that he may need to stay in Toronto until November. I offered to come to North American and he offered he “might” be able to come to DC for 3-4 days.

I don’t wish to be disrespectful to his family, he is a good son to worry about his mother, but selfishly, I want him to worry about me. I’m not a believer in so called ‘open’ relationships (we are both far too jealous) but what kind of relationship has you separated for months at a time?

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  • You love are truly a drama queen. Can’t you be alone for a minute…chill out….focus on non gay things!!! make some friends. Or come and keep me company in DC!

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