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Years ago I ventured in to GAMMA. It’s a group of married men in ‘gay’ mode who meet at a Washington, DC church twice a month. GAMMA stands for Gay Married Men’s Association and it’s a support group. All I could think “there’s a club for this shit?”

The format of the group was that each person attending would chat for 3-5 minutes about ‘their’ situation (or not, it wasn’t mandatory).  The horror came when some of these guys were explaining how they’ve been coming out “for 3 or more years”.  Obviously this was a big group of government workers, classic nothing happens. At the end of the session, they went off to a gay bar to have drinks (which I thought ironic). I didn’t go, one dude about 20 years past his expiration date, was eying me. And I didn’t go back either. Yuck, but hey they’re still there and there were quite welcoming to fresh meat. However, I did find it beneficial to hear other people talking about their situation.

I get a fair bit email from guys all over in various states of disaster asking my opinion. I write back to everyone with a personal reply. You took the effort to write, I should at least make a similar effort. The idea hit me today whether you fruits in training would like to have a telephone conference call.  The purpose of which, beside hearing my stud voice with a Southern accent do an introduction would be for those so inclined to do a 3-5 minute chat about YOUR situation and what issues you’re dealing with.

I realize most of you don’t write a blog and all of you have privacy concerns, you could dial in without Caller Line ID, use your first name and hang up and off into the wind you will go. The dial-in number would only be published to you and I’d like the group to only be those in the middle of their disaster or just past it.

Interested? Drop me an email at with your first name, whether you’d be willing to say a few words and preferred time (a range, not 8.25 on Tuesday morning when it’s not been a full moon the previous night). I have a life too, or kinda at least.

If I get a handful of you to say YES and more importantly say YES to saying a few words. I’ll schedule a call and hopefully this has some value. If it does, we’ll do it again and maybe our group will grow. If not, I will go out and hookup with a hot 25 yo Brazilian guy and try to make the best of my disappointment.

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  1. Good idea mate. It’s a yes from Sydney and the weekend is good…

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