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Heading north

I’m heading north for a business meeting and then on to NYC with Prof. Tim, should be a hoot, I need a little get out time.

I’m getting addicted to the “Shit by Dad Says” book. So relevant to so many situations.

“Stop trying so hard. He doesn’t like you. Jesus, don’t kiss an ass if it’s in the process of shitting on you.”

I thought about this one applying to so many relationship situations. I’m always up to extending a hand, and often I would lean way way over. But in the end, it never works out. Things have to be easy, have to fit and have to have a natural feel to them. Too often I find that ‘hope’ seems to play a big part in forming new relationships. We hope they’ll call. We hope they’ll call back. We hope they’ll go out. We hope they’ll step up the emotional connection.

In the end, if they don’t wanna, they don’t wanna and now amount of cooing, wishing, hoping or putting the words in the right order are gonna matter. So remember this quote.

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  1. Your dad is so true and so right. I have always trusted people and often gone into relationships without looking at my gain and with a hope that love and can the world around. It surely can, but the wait is long and watch can be painful.

    I have been reading your blog regularly and I pretty much connect with you at so many levels. Interesting…keep writing and sharing.


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