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Have you seen this dog?

At 2.45 a.m. TC is on the phone with me, he's just returning from some elongated wedding reception AND he's mad at me. Seems there were a bunch of "my types" at this wedding and he was imagining me chatting them up and getting jealous about it. I must be a bad dog, 'cause only I can get into trouble and not even be there. An art perfected.

But TC is hanging in there. He's not your typical 24 year old and having experienced others in the under 30 crowd, low maintenance. Course it's taken me almost a year to get him trained. Good thing, he'll need every bit of that training in the weeks ahead as I tumble through my own situation.

All of the long term readers know I've held on tightly to him and he to me, through all these up's down's. If you bet, you bet wrong.

Do you have the patience to wait? Wait for what you really want in life. Hold on even if your friends tell you to let go. Weather a down, when the prospect of an up are long gone. I remember a bad job situation I got into in my 20's. I was sorry horribly miserable, I thought circumstances were never clear up. Every minute of every day was excruciating. It did clear up eventually and now 20+ years later those days are a mere blip in the story of my own life. I guess that's what you'd call prospective.

I fire my week up, you do the same, focus on the future, because it's here right now.

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  1. The least TC could have done is to have taken some cell phone photos or you “indiscretions” for you to enjoy while your ear was getting bashed.

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