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Image396 Down the airport concourse he trots, his black hair waving as he goes, a sly smile appears on his face when he makes me out of the crowd. A quick kiss as we roll into the darkened parking lot. TC is back in town.

None too soon, or so it feels. Later that night I sighed and fell asleep holding on to TC in the darkness of our DuPont Circle hotel room. In my world gone crazy, he's become the most unlikeliest of stable factors. I should have a clear word from my company by the end of next week on my continued status.

I was in Silicon Valley for the last big boom and witnessed the free meals, espresso machines, pool tables and other "perks". It was all quite silly. The reality a business has to make money to survive and my company isn't and probably will never be able to. Not hard to predict how it ends long term. My instincts were to have moved on at the beginning of 2008. But I was too focused on my personal turmoil, so I'll have to deal with it now.

You just gotta keep on dealing. I'm not aware of an alternative.

We're off to NYC for the weekend. I don't have financial concerns and that's one stress point I'm happy is not on my list. So off I go.



  1. I love the picture of the puppy. That is just so cute. Now you two go and have a good time in NYC, and no fighting or drama moments, please. You need less drama, more fun. Don’t you be picking on him if he happens to get drunk, or messy, or wants to be out all night, or pasess out or any of his other charming antics. It’s what makes him your lovable little puppy! Guys like him are hard to find. Keep him; he’s a keeper.

  2. I wish I didn’t have finanical concerns….but then we all have our crosses to bear. Have a good weekend in the Big Apple….

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