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Gay married man coming out story

Happy little family, wrong

Teen age boys, fighting, bitching, complaining and spoiled rotten, all at the same time. Wife making snide remarks, even the faintest gay anything (TV, magazine, somebody walking by) elicts some smart ass comment from her. Any comment from me about anything likely to spark a flame come back.

Sitting here wondering, just WTF was I thinking when I got married, decided to have kids. Was I following a well worn path? Was having kids some version of the special sex olympics, look what I can do? Wife has decided to punish me for my summer of fun and is burning through cash. Kids don’t have to punish, what with college savings, household expenses, orthodonics, special something or other, clothes – it’s hundreds of thousands of dollars. Me? I’m left in front of the TV set praying I don’t do anything wrong.

But what would have been? No wife, no kids. Just me, whatever car I wanted to drive, multiple homes, exotic trips, pampered to the extreme, rotating a new playtoy thru every couple of months. But would I be happy?

I guess we all make choices. Those choices lead to where you are. Where you go from here is yet another series of choices. My worries are all relative and core ones are few, I’m giving this situation some time to stablize. But worried about what’s really here.

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  1. i’m sensing in your tone that you already know the answer to that question…sound so much like me….”hoping i don’t do anything wrong” hang in there buddy……..god knows i’m trying

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