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Happy Birthday to Me!

Well, I somehow managed to cross the line again, I’ve made it to 47. Cheers! I certainly don’t feel it, though days I am slowing down. I’ve been lucky not to look my age, and on a good day with dim lighting, I get picked off as late 30’s. In the midst of this journey, I stumbled upon a sweet 23 yo who lives with me for now and we’ve traveled a lot together, seeing Europe, keeping each other company. You might venture that he’s using me, he is, but I’m using him as well. Whatever, my journey would have been much rockier without him.

My recommendation to anyone is not to change so many variables in their life at once. I’ve been impressed by Elliot at Daily Briefing (whom I’ve met). He carefully went thru his own process and now seems happily engaged with a new person. Good for him. I wish the same would happen for me. Unfortunately, you have “me” at the tiller and I steer a wild course.

I’m getting a better sense of what I want and a clear idea of what I “don’t want”. Easier then to discard the don’t wants. I’m scared though to face the loneliness that older single people often have.

In my “normal” life, I discard nut jobs, stupid people and idiots quickly. I pretend they’re invisible. I haven’t managed to do the same in the gay world and feel I’m hit more than my fair share. It’s all quite interesting to me. But, I need to collapse my world to a one Chris view.

How long has it taken? That’s not the question. The question is how much longer will it take. So happy birthday to me.


  1. Happy birthday, Chris. 🙂 Continue to enjoy your adventure. 🙂

  2. Wahoooo! Happy Birthday Chris! Good to see you’re a fellow Aries! 🙂
    Like you, I think I tried to change too many variables at once when I first came out and struggled out of my depth. Once I took a breather and settled down a bit and took things one step at a time, everything became much more sane! And much more fun! Good luck with your continuing journey – it’s got good bits and bad bits but ultimately, it’s worth it! Big Antipodean hugs and kisses to the birthday boy!
    Monty! xxx

  3. happy bday. congrats on making it to 74. i mean 47.

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