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Happy Birthday to me!

I’m back in Sydney after 2 days up at some little seaside resort. It was quite nice. I’m heading out for dinner with Single Guy. It is ironic, he will be my “date” for my 50th birthday. Scrappy Doo called me the middle of the night his time to profess his love for me (naturally), that he missed me (naturally) and was eager to be with me (of course).

I’ve been busy working so not much time to really think. Thinking isn’t good if you’re gay. Best to just keep the wheel in motion. More to report as the weekend is long for Easter here.


  1. Happy Birthday Old Man!! I cant even imagine how old 50 is. Of course I used to think that about 40 until i got there.

    Have a good day!!

  2. Many happy returns…….wish I could be 50 again, but I suppose I should just be happy being me.

  3. Hope it was a good one! Just a platonic date of course! LOL

  4. Buon capodanno! Wishing you a memorable 50th – remember – he who has the most birthdays lives the longest!

  5. Happy Birthday. Wish you well on your journey. Thanks for the link too.

  6. Happy Birthday! Wish you a great year coming up with much progress on your gay journey. I’ll be 49 soon, so I’m nearly as old and decrepit as you are. (just kidding)

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