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Happy Birthday!

TC turned all of 27 years old today. Christ, I can’t believe I’m going out with such an old man. Needless to say, he’s very prickly about his age and as you might expect I’m all over it.  I will be forever old, he’s just getting there.

Tiger Puff has been purring along with only the occasional growl. Our living situation is far from perfect, the future unclear and how this all works out far from certain. But as we sat at dinner, we both realized sometimes it’s just best to let it roll, enjoy the moments we have. Tonight, he will be with his family in a huge brown celebration. I’m not invited, nor does his family know about me and with certainty there wouldn’t be acceptance of our relationship. So this secret shall continue.

But having said that, it’s all relative. It’s easy to dwell far too much on whatever issue you have in front of you. But if you awoke today, have food in your frig, a roof over your head, in relatively good health and someone who says they love you, well you’re doing OK.


  1. Chris: At some point TC is going to have to break the news of your role in his life; he should give his family a chance to choose unless you want to remain a non-enitity. So what did you slip to your little puff for his birthday?

  2. he’s so cute.

  3. happy b day! When is your big b day?

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