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Gay married man coming out story

You gotta friend in me

Clay is the guy organizing the professional group. 41 youthful looking, seems to enjoy bitching about the gay community and professing to try and live an honest existence along with his 3 page list of what he wants in a mate.

So Clay is at a local gay bar for happy hour one night and decides to arm wrestle someone younger. Why is beyond me. The ‘net of it is he literally breaks his arm, not a fracture, a clean break. He takes a cab alone to the area emergency room and doesn’t get out of there until 4 a.m.

A few days ago, I got a blast email from Clay “thanking us for all our support” and detailing more about his injury and expected recovery. What support? I didn’t email him or say beep to him. It seemed he was a bit full of himself thinking I gave a rat’s ass about his injury. But I thought about it some more and tried to understand.

Clay had gone to the hospital alone in a cab following the accident. The stud who broke his arm stayed and continued drinking. It was hard for me to imagine how lonely that must have been. That no one cared.

So perhaps Clay’s broadcast email was more about trying to see who cared or imagining or hoping that people cared. I quickly went from thinking him arrogant or assuming to what he may well be, someone seeking understanding and compassion.

I am sorry that at 41 Clay doesn’t have a solid someone in his life, someone you can call at any hour from anywhere on the earth and get them to help unconditionally, no if ands or buts. I know he’s looking. My prospectives on the lives of many of these guys change experience by experience. I continue to evolve.

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  1. My biggest fear realised…minus the arm wrestling

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