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The long weekend with TC is history, he's back in the deep freeze of Toronto. He'll return shortly after Christmas, the fix is in, we're gonna make the leap and set-up shop together, it's time to to pull the trigger.

On Sunday night, wet and cold in DC, we went to see the movie "Milk". An excellent film and very moving. The first evening showing was sold out and we went to a later show. All I needed was a Cosmopolitan to turn the theater in to a gay bar, every homo in Washington was out in force. Now only I can get into trouble in a movie theater and yup there were multiple infractions, particularly some Asian guy who took some sort of fancy to me.

Afterward, TC laid into me about how I needed to be careful with my flirty ways and reeling out my "game" on these poor boys. Otherwise, I'd be stuck playing sugar daddy to some "me no love you long time" Asian twink who unceremoniously dumps me when I don't reward them fast enough.

The reality is that while I'm not terribly experienced in all the ways of "gay", I am a relationship person. Stay away from the bad people, invest time in the good people and try not to get consumed with how "great" you are. My biggest learned experience with guys is simply to ignore their drama and try and minimize your own.

What TC missed was me this morning at 7 a.m., nuzzled up against his brown toasty body, him sound asleep, the warmth of his face against mine, his paw wrapped around my hand, I sighed and fell back asleep for another hour. You can't rent that experience.


  1. Oh my, not until after Chritmas……who’s going to get blue balls first?

  2. mark: do you ever have anything to say other than suck up comments?

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