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Good bye for now

I’m airborne today across the Atlantic I fly. Date to see TC again, unknown.

We had lunch with my friend Carlos yesterday. Listening as he struggles to find a relation that works. Chris and I realizing how lucky we both are. Sequencing two people together is too often a miracle. It gets harder with age.

TC and I decided we need to simply need to decide whether we want to be together or not. Everything else is just a matter logistics. DC, London, Germany – if there’s a will, there is a way.

After 2 years away from Toronto, he will return effectively broke. His sister bought his return flight. Though he clearly has some stories to tell. At 23, I don’t know what to tell him. Myself, I always seemed on a mission. He more comfortable with having dreams but no action to getting there.

I’m sad, but not unhappy. I can’t control what he does or the decisions he will make. So I have to be happy with what I’ve had.

We agreed to a “no screwing around” policy until we’ve sorted ourselves He more worried about me and my wandering ways. The reality I’ve learned much from the experience and wiser into what I want and how I will find it.

Out to see the musical “Chicago” and back to the hotel for a last night together. Tender and bittersweet.

I suspect I won’t have much to blog about for a bit. So pardon any absence, the show will, no doubt, go on.

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  1. I just KNEW that you and TC would have a wonderful day together! Your faithulness and devotion to each other is so strong. I’m sure you will have lots more blogs about your wonderful adventures with TC. He is the love of your life, you two will find a way to see each other often. And, what’s more important, you have such a strong and meaningful relationship already, that neither of you has to worry about the other steering or straying the wrong way. Few guys have as strong a relationship as you and TC, and you should consider yourself very very lucky. I think you already do. Have fun in DC!

  2. Ey, am really glad to read up about how you and TC’s relationship unfolded. Like you said if there’s a will, there’s a way. It’s not too often you’d find somebody you just connect with 🙂 Good luck to both of you, que sera sera…

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