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Image398 TC called today, steam still wisping around him. "Why didn't you call or email me?" He's still pissed at me. Imagine that. You brown people sure hold a full head of steam (and you damn well know what I'm talking about). But I'm a master brown soother and a few minutes later my cub is purring again. He can win all the battles he wants, as long as I win the war.

But I've been busy on another mission. The mission of deleting personal contacts from my mobile telephone directory. Operating with a simple rule, if we haven't spoken in a year, prepare to be deleted. It's painless, free and you didn't have to do anything.

I stay in touch with a lot of people, drop little notes, "hope you're well" sorta off stuff. Only takes a minute. TC thinks I'm cultivating an entire new crop of boys in the background (that list I keep on my other phone). We all like to be thought of, makes you feel good, but oh so few return the favor, I find.

Everyone is so busy, work, social, school, whatever. Busy being busy. Do you not need more friends in your life? I'm shedding people all the time. Those who expect me to do all the work, aren't respectful and of course many I'm just not compatible with (not their fault – just life). You quickly realize that the number of people you enjoy being with is quite few.

I always worry that I might inadvertently wave off someone who could be a real find. Thus I try and give everyone a good sniff, I'll make time for you.


  1. Major adjustments in ones lifestyle will cause the shedding of some old “friends” but also the realization that there are new friends out there.
    I have one worry from this particular blog……is it solely your responsibility in this relationship to be the peace maker????

  2. I don’t buy it when people use being “busy” as an excuse of not keeping in touch. I do the same thing you do, send little notes just to say hi, though when my friends don’t respond, I’m like WTF!?
    Glad you two are alright now 🙂

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