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It's Thanksgiving here in the U.S. A day to give thanks. We're all doing fine. It's just us (wife and kids) for Thanksgiving, things just swell. But on this holiday, I wanted to talk to you about a topic I failed to document. It's the topic of "god".

Now I'm not a religious person, I was raised an Episcopalian, the country club religion, or "lite" God as we called it, but I haven't set foot in a church in years. If you're religious and it does something for you, well good for you, just don't bother me about it.

But refined my topic is about god and my wife. My wife was raised a devote Catholic in Germany, not nutsy, over the top, over bearing, just devote. Her mother worked for the Catholic church as well. I was married in a Catholic church and my kids were baptized and other rituals as well. She even taught Sunday school. She respected (as was correct) to just leave me out of it and I  was open if she wanted to participate (as it should be). Through the years, she gave a bunch of our money to the local church. Fine

In the midst of this whole gay experience, my wife suddenly stopped participating and contributing to the church. I hadn't really noticed but when I did I asked her about it. She replied that initially she felt that god had let her down after so many devote years and was angry. But she thought about it deeper and realized that her intelligent concern was that the Catholic church was not accepting of gay people or basically any other body of people who wanted to be different. An that she felt was a fatal flaw of the Catholic church, their head firmly in the sand.

An so my wife, while still spiritual, has no religion.

I write to document this and not to spark some debate amongst you readers. Simply that changes in your life often give you new glasses to which to see things in an new light.