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As we move into the fall season, it's time for a recap (which I do periodically). Where am I? I just wish Google maps could help me out. Welcome to my lovely blog, let me catch you up as Season 4 gets underway here at Fag Central.

Season 1– started in 2006 with a lovely picture of a happily married man, living a idyllic life in the suburbs of Washington, DC with his beautiful wife of 15 years and 2 normal teen age kids. A stressful job situation and a cute work colleague 9,000 miles away unhinges a hidden desire in Chris, the main character, a desire for guys. So our main character, Chris (that would be me) starts exploring around in the gay world. As long as you don't inhale, you're not gay, right? The season ends with Chris seeking therapy, hoping to pray the gay away.

Season 2– Chris's gay situation rolls out into the open with the admission to his wife. More therapy follows. It's a real tear jerker. Chris tries to be good, but falls off the wagon. He moves out for a while into the Washington gayborhood and gets scared by all the bad fags. Oh dear! He moves back home, hoping this has all taught him a lesson, but alas, it hasn't. In the season finale, Chris figures out he needs to move out for good.

Season 3– Move out Chris does, he moves to London England, far from home and is all ready to be the roving queer. Only Chris's heart is quickly taken by a 24 year old Canadian guy, 23 years his junior appropriated named Tiger Cub. They quickly move in together, initially as a convenience, sparks flying as they try to adjust to each other, but in the end this awkward couple finds true love for one another.

As Season 4 opens, Chris has returned to the United States to find his career plans in jeopardy, the financial world in shambles, his wife now dating someone new, the 24 yo love of his life has returned to Canada and anxiously is awaiting the opportunity to re-unite. The complications are many, the solutions few.

Yup, that's what's here to read. It will take you awhile, but hopefully it might just help you.


  1. I’m still hanging on….you can’t make me give up my daily fix….

  2. I’ve been a faithful “viewer” and fan for some time now, Chris – can’t wait for the season opener drama!

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