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I’m in┬áToronto Canada and brown Chris is growling because he’s working like a dog. Yesterday, they billed him out at $200 for a haircut, which he thought was too much, but I’m proud of him. He’s all uptight because he’s gonna miss the Toronto Film Festival (as he’ll be in London), a good chance to show off and Tom Cruise is booked to come to the salon as well. Enough name dropping.

I realized last night that I’ve visited a lot of gayborhoods in major cities around the world and while I’m jaded, at least I’ve been in the hood. I hadn’t stopped to think about where you are. Middle of nowhere America. sketchy bar down a dirt road with some dude named Hank whose been there since the last Barbara Streisand hit. Thus the scene is whatever you can scare up online (you are hot after all). If you’re in some sort of transition it’s a lonely existence with few reference bearings. No big surprise that the young homos often leave the nest and head towards a city with a scene, perhaps no an option for you at this point in your life.

Nonetheless, I hope you’ll avail yourself of the opportunity to larger city to take in the sights and get a feel for things, a sense of the community, pride, happenings and general interworkings. Only then should allow yourself to become jaded like me as we all strive towards the gold standard of jaded, Single in the City.


  1. Oh. You are so sweet. Yes…I’m very Jaded. I’ve been gay longer than you and you’ll get there…dont ya worry!

  2. I remember my first Gay Pride Parade……Columbus, Ohio. What a joyous occasion it was……and it all ended in a hugh park where the festival continued on for hours. Here in Lexington we don’t have a parade, but for the past three years we have had a city sponsored Pride Festival and each year it continues to grow.

    I feel for those guy (and gals) in small town America…..nice post Chris.

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