After last night was feeling bit down. Am I losing my touch? I usually can find someone interesting to talk to. Old dog, losing his way?

I’m on the high speed train to Amsterdam. First class (hey – I endured economy on the flight over so shut-up). I’m settling in at the end of the last car. I spy the cabin attendant coming down the aisle. Cute, sweet boyish face, mid-height, black hair, late 20’s early 30’s maximum. I’m watching him, full gaydar alarm ringing. The lion is watching. He spies me. I smile back. He blushes and turns back to the passenger he was serving.
He makes it down to me on the last row and I’m still smiling. He soo cute. He’s smiles and asks if I need anything. Me – I know what I want but you can’t serve it on a public train. He serves the passenger across from me. Well over the next 30 minutes he makes 5 trips all the way back to check on me. I’m starting to chuckle as he walks down the aisle. A quick smile when I tell him for the 5th time I’m fine, he quickly turns on his heals and looks back. Ah the gods struck him with a bit of fairy dust. But, I like a touch of that actually.

My station is prior to Amsterdam, I head to the middle of car to exit. Seeing me standing alone in the gangway, he comes back with the door whooshing closed behind him. I must be beaming. He’s smiling back, looking like, "well now we’re alone". Put a drink in my hand, I’d be right at home.

He’s Lebanese, 29, former flight attendant but likes the trains, same money, less hassle, speaks French, English and German and lives in Germany outside Cologne. We’re chatting along half part in English part German. I love that moment when you lock eyes with someone and the connection happens. In that split second a huge surge of information passes between both of you.

The train lurges as we near the station and he falls into me, putting his arm around me. He quickly steps back but still while holding my arm. No apology. None was needed.

I smile, he smiles. We’re all happy. So, ok this is all a bit surupy, a mean a real blog would have some BJ going on in the WC. But I’m happy with little moments like this.