I’m sitting in front of one of my company’s co-founders advising him of my pending change of address. I’d hinted about some marital difficulty and the company had gracefully reduced daily pressures on me. He buries his head in his hands, “Chris – why didn’t you just go buy a Porsche, like most guys do?”. Well, for starters, I’m not like most guys, I’m thinking.

“Get me back airborne, I’m happiest when I’m in show mode, I’m ready to perform again”, I advise him. Nodding in agreement, he whispers, “we’ve needed you in the game.” Good. By the end of the day various executives have contacted me with requests to appear around the world, thrilled that I’m in travel mode again. My dance card is filling.

I have no desire to sit in Dupont Circle, twiddle my thumbs, hang out in a bar, act recklessly, I’m circling something here, need to allow time. I can’t force this to happen like I can in a business environment.