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Gay men can’t be friends

I am in a word oversubscribed in the interest from young Asian men. Oh dear. Along comes two of my friends with differing views on what I should do.

Prof. Tim in Chicago, is newly separated from his partner of 10 years, they spent nearly 2 years breaking up. To think there was no children or any assets. Like watching paint dry, both knew it was over, but neither wanted to move on. Well Prof. Tim has moved on, moved right into whore land. He is whooping it up with any boy he can find (all have to be tight bodies under 30). A new one ever night. His advice .. go for it, Scrappy is probably cheating on you, you’re just too dump to know it. You know you want some of that Asian tail, make me proud.

Meaning while former Single in the City blogger, now somewhere in Eastern Europe measuring penis sizes (still) had a contrary point. Stop trying to fuck up your life. You’ve got an emotionally available, totally in love, cute guy who would do anything for you. Hello … you have everything every gay guy on the planet spends a lifetime trying to find. Cease and desist immediately any and all activities.

But I was just looking for a friend to hang out, I countered. “Gay men can’t be friends without fucking” was the short simple response from Single in the City as he blasted me back. I thought about it, limited in my experience as I am and realized he was probably right. I realized having watched gaggles of gay “friends” hang around, there is often some beneath the surface sexual tension. Scrappy has been forthright and said he had fooled around with some of his friends back in the day. Meeting a handful of Scrappy friends, they’re young so I’ll give’em a pass, but I smelled the big ole happy gay family.

If you are friends with someone solely because they’re gay, well that’s your connection, sexuality. SIC suggested I go get myself a couple of bitches to hang out with. Perhaps that’s a new business, a match up site for fag hags (wow what a great idea actually).  Maybe, but I’ve never done well with woman.


  1. Don’t fuck up your life. You will be miserable as the single guy.

    Get in touch with you..your interest, hobbies, passions. Life is short to be in the Gay merry go round!

  2. I agree with SIC. But the fact that you’re so torn says something.

    Is is possible that, yes, the idea of fooling around with all those boys is fun, but what you REALLY want to know is how far Scrappy will let you wander?

    Does every good relationship need to be tested to see if it survives before it can become a great one?

    I could easily be wrong but I suspect that there’s something going on here beyond lust.

  3. First of all they are no longer called Fag Hags the new term is Queer Dears…..and I also agree with SIC… have a good thing going now and you love all his drama and late night phone calls…..when is he due back?

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