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I’ve either died and gone to heaven or I’m in hell. Scrappy Doo has gone back to Canada, leaving me alone in Hong Kong. Alone is relative, there are 8 million people living here. OMG there are sooooo many cute little brown Asians wandering about here, I can barely breath. You can’t swing a stick without whacking some brown tasty treat. I beg the dear lord each morning to make me be good (but as any good Catholic knows, you can always pray for forgiveness later!).

Despite all the people, the homo scene is very tiny. I mean tiny tiny. There are no sex shops, you don’t see too many openly (read pink boa) types wandering around and very few bars and nare a PRIDE flag to be seen. With so many folks (friends this place is non-stop) you’d think there would be a scene. But there’s not.

Why? I wanted to know. Scrappy Doo, before he departed, made friends with a sweet 19 yo local college student. I was forbidden to meet him (for obvious reasons). He lives with his parents at home (big surprise). His mother buys all his clothes and he seems just that innocent. He wants a boyfriend and has visions of how that will be. His poor father caught him watching gay porn, his father threatened to kill him (he’s the only son) and he quickly fended he was “curious” about these things as his excuse.

You hear about preserving face in the Asian culture and I’m seeing it first hand. Men are supposed to be men, the leader of the family and at all cost protect the name of the family. Obviously being a cocksucker is an insult to the family. I feel sorry for Scrappy’s new friend, he obviously would like to get away from Hong Kong and try and live the life he would like. But for now this is his home and these are the rules.

I am back trying to make some new friends here. Unlike DC, there’s isn’t a cork stuck up the ass of most of the guys. Hong Kong is a world financial center and plenty of people fluxing in and out, eager to meet. So I shoot for the fat bald headed older guy in the corner realizing that no matter how much I drink, I ain’t taking that home, safe in my choice that this could be a friend.


  1. You are back!!! I’m glad..missed the drama in my life. HK is the place for you..all you can eat 24 hours a day!

  2. How long will Scrappy be out of town…….

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