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Gaming the system

Pardon the changes to this site, I’m working to make this blog easier for Google searchers to find and this entails having a static home page with relevant keyword information so big brother can properly index it. Gaming the Google system has inspired a whole new industry of consultants, books and software each professing to have the secret answer. So bear with me and trust it hasn’t screwed up your reading.

Prof. Tim believes my ego is hard at work to increase readership and feed upon comments. Fair enough. But I am inspired by your comments but mainly it’s the silent ones I’m most proud of. Sixteen people have downloaded the PDF version of this blog in the last month. 16 isn’t a lot, but you don’t download this 2 meg file to occupy space on your hard drive, you downloaded it because it was relevant to your situation. I’ve got to imagine 160 guys would have downloaded it had they been able to find this blog. So my work continues.

TC UPDATE: There is my beautiful brown tiger on Skype video, he’s all emotional at us not having spoken for a single day. It’s hard. Boo woo. He’s likely to be assigned a ship next week and off he will go. He’s cutting hair every day and while exhausted, he’s doing what he likes and is inspired and building confidence in himself and his skills. You have to take action and move to make progress. Despite his exhaustion, I hear a new voice in TC and I’m very proud of him, he’s finding his footing.

We cautiously talked about ‘new’ people entering our lives. As you all know, I’m waiting for Single in the City to come to DC so we can start a torrid love affair and combine our blog readership (you guys have such vivid imaginations – he’s busy breaking my heart whoring around in Rio as we speak). The stark reality is neither Chris nor Chris (me) are going to sit in our cabin/home alone for the next 6 months, we will find ourselves in situations.

It always seems that something is testing you in life. Testing a relationship, a friendship or your patience – grinding across your otherwise tranquil life. But aren’t these the moments to remind you that you are indeed alive and kicking and kick we must. Kick I will.


  1. Love your new homepage! This is gonna be very useful for all the gay married men out there.

  2. Great to hear an update on TC. You’re good for each other…..very good.

  3. hey you. Funny! Oh love…you are right about one thing..I’m whoring around!More story to come.

  4. Great new look Chris!

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