I had meet Darryl on my own and again via William months I go. A portly black gentlemen, a big friendly smile and a great attitude about life. He is a “connector”, he knows everyone and likes to make introductions, perfect for me. I send him a note, do you want to meet for a drink. Immediate reply, yes.

We’re at JRs early evening, sun is still shining this summer day, somehow we get talking about how people deal with one another. The last time I saw Darryl, he was having a house warming party and had on the spur invited me. I didn’t say yes or no (the fact is I couldn’t). The next day, I had sent him an email thanking him for the invite, wishing him a good turnout and hoping he would invite me to the next one. “Chris, I was impressed you did that, you don’t know how many people give me yes/maybe response and simply didn’t show up”, Darryl noted. Half of life is showing up and my guess is the other half is simply responding that you’re not.

I’m talking with a nice couple that Darryl introduces me to when out of the corner of my eye I see Eduardo gliding by. I wait a few minutes then walk to him at the back of the bar. Hi. He looks up. I kiss him on the neck. Hi back. “I’m not happy with the way we left things, are you?”, I ask. “No, I’m not either”, he replies. “Come talk to me, this shouldn’t so difficult”, I say. “OK, give me a minute, I’ll come see you”. I accept his sweet and sincere response.

I wander back. I’m happy. 15 minutes later, he’s still back there talking. I have silly moment and text him a funny thought. He receives it, looks over at me and smiles. 5 minutes later, Eduardo and his friends walk out the back door and stand on the street corner, talk for a moment then wander down the street.

A shard of light sprints upwards blinding me for a moment. I look down. My claws are out, a stray sunbeam has caught the glean of them. Oh, my poor sweet boy, you have pushed the wrong buttons on me now.