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It’s 6.30 fucking a.m. on Sunday morning and it’s TC, calling, I ignore the first call, then a minute later he calls again, he’s purring so damn loud, talking all sweet. “I’m coming home from a boy’s house”, he yelps. Yeah, right. In reality, he’s off to Waterloo station to use the loo, he likes his private bathroom time. Go figure.

His purr level I am determining is because he’s been hanging around a bunch of homos for the last weeks and figuring Daddy ain’t such a bad deal after all. He’s staying and sleeping (ugh) with his ex-boyfriend (who has a new boyfriend). They’re good friends. Steve is a tall lanky geeky pasty ass Brit. A big bottom, he quite submissive and likes to be ordered around (a little spanking maybe?). Unfortunately, he’s attracted to twinkie girlie boys. Big surprise, this doesn’t yield the results he’d like. His current relationship has all kinds of odd & complex sexual behaviour.

Least we forget, the other roommate, a normal looking and attractive guy but quiet, is in therapy because he deems himself unattractive. None of these guys areĀ  > 30, I can’t wait to see them at 40. TC is highly perceptive and believe you me, he sees this in vivid color.

If you’re just now discovering this blog, my main message for those on the down low, don’t imagine the water is all nice down here in the deep end. Guys dealing with ‘their’ issues manifest all sorts of unconventional and often damaging behaviour. Not that straight people don’t have issues (I’m data gathering here as well). Just you’re most likely living life in a relatively closed sphere, be ready, best you can. Fruits come in more variations than bad sangria.

I’m off to a gay dinner even this evening for my professional group. 15 homos for dinner, I’m bracing for impact. Will have to be nice, pleasant, but this will be a good venue for me to try and be less intimidating. Imagine that

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  1. “Daddy” (i.e. Chris) – you were never a bad deal to begin with, you brought many positive qualities to the party, just leave the doubts by the door.

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