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Negative London, like any big city, isn’t a great place to make friends. TC holds close to his former BF and flatmate (both of whom he still lives with). His former BF, obviously in snoop mode, stumbled upon my HIV test results. I had given Chris the medical document. Men don’t have a stellar reputation for being truthful in relationship and it was a peace offering from me. I realize now my getting "tested" meant a lot to him. A sign of respect and a desire to be honest. I guess that’s why he kept it.

The discovery turned into a conversation with his flatmates about my "situation". His former BF is not suprising particularly venonmous about me and now has even more reason to be. I’ve already reeled off the dangers of "doing business" with me. They are very real.

Chris candidately talks about his own situation. Living with a former BF, visa about to expire, job situation questionable. He’s not a pick of the litter himself at the moment, he reasons.

But somewhere in the midst of all this, we talk openly. No subject is taboo. We say what we feel. I’ve warned Chris that our relationship hasn’t been powered by sex. We are talking a lot, it’s building emotional intimacy. We both realize that opinions from outsiders is just that, an opinion from someone who doesn’t know.

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  1. Mate, finding friends in London…just check out the bloggers! They’re lovely!!! The London bloggers on my blog roll are all fantastic guys…and one or two of them in very similar situation to yourself (ie recently separated from wife etc). 🙂

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