I’d written my best and longest friend a note about my situation, he’s always traveling, his reply came this morning (notice he has an immediate Hollywood spin) …

"Just looking at the Blackberry after a week off the air in St. Moritz. Never a dull moment with you, that’s for sure. We’ll have to catch up either here or there and discuss your secret life. Hey, why not a semi-fictional book and movie? The important thing is to be and feel alive.

In any event I hope the new year is good to you, wife and the boys – with happiness for all in whatever flavor it presents itself.

Just landed at LHR, the express train is OUT OF SERVICE because Jan 1 is a bank holiday. Unfu**ingbelievable. Check for Jan 2 or you’ll have to take a cab for 50 quid or ride the picadilly line with the plebs."