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Image403 So the day I get laid off, an old business colleague of mine happens to call, he’s in town from California, haven’t seen him since 2003, do I want to go to dinner? He’s buying. Yes, is my final answer. Down I trot to Il Fornaio’s Virginia outpost of this popular California Italian restaurant.

“What’s up in your life?”, is the first question out of his mouth. Feeling no pain, I begin, “Well I’ve been sleeping with guys and I think I’m starting to like it.” How very interesting, he replies with no expression. OK, how about this. “I have been seeing this guy now for about a year, he’s been living with me and he’s 24”. There that ought to shock the little f*cker. Finally his eyebrows raise, and he calmly answers with a slight smile, “good for you”. We spent the rest of the evening talking about technology stuff, just like old times.

I realized that perhaps I’m still too concerned about people knowing my story, when in fact they probably only care am I happy and doing well. Now my friend is from LA and Italian (like from Italy, the real deal), so he’s much more laid back & worldly than say a farmer from Iowa. But I realize most of my friends and business associates are all quite worldly, so what is it I have to fear or be ashamed of. Maybe the only person I’m hiding from is myself.

On Friday morning┬áI lite up my business network, “Chris is now available for weddings and bar mitzvahs“. Late morning a forgotten colleague now running a NY consultancy company called me. “How is it possible they whacked you?”. Beats me, god didn’t put any limit on the number of stupid people on earth. “Will you come work for us?”. Not interested, I’m working on finishing my toenail clipping collection and it means a lot to me. “OK will you at least review some Powerpoint slides for a meeting next week, I’ll pay you a day rate of $xxxx and send a check out to you today”.┬áNow I’m gonna have to work this weekend, thanks, Tiger Cub ain’t gonna be happy.


  1. I thought you liked NYC, so why not take a job there. TC can cut hair anywhere……but charge so much more in New York.
    He could become your Sugar Baby……

  2. sorry to hear you got laid off…but sounds like you are getting maybe it’s ok!

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