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I can do what I can do. TC and I had a leisurely lunch yesterday at neighborhood Greek restaurant. We’re both stressed out. We both need to settle down a little. We both agreed to simply focus on the next thing that needs to happen. Just make it thru February. Breath.

I could probably make a long list of all the things I should be worried about. But the reality, things are pretty good. I’m engaged in work, likely to get a nice central London apartment and Chris is emotionally connected to me. I’m pretty needy right now, which is atypical for me, he’ll warm up to once his own stress levels are lower. I’m proud of how he’s managing me (cause I ain’t nothing but trouble). All in all, this could work out nicely.

But it’s change. Change from what I’ve known. I’m feeling a little like the Snowman in that Pixar short. Things swirling around and I just wanna get out and get on with it.

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  1. Chris,
    From experience this change you are going thru isn’t going to conclude quickly……it’s a complete lifestyle change. You have to deal with your family….you have to deal with the “new” you and you are going to have to find the way new relationships will affect you, because they are different…..just because they are.
    Oh and also you need to make a living….

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