Bunch of good news, but somehow, I don’t feel good. Suspect I’m going to be in a spin cycle these next weeks as I gain my footing on my own. Had told Brian (my ever present therapist), I going to allow myself to float, something that’s normally not my personality. So let me tell you all it.

First off, I called the Asian guy I had met months ago, he graciously returned my call and agreed to go out for drinks. Meeting up on a busy Friday night at Halo, he had another Asian friend (a flight attendant) in tow. Very nice, very mature, they spent the evening introducing me to people.The flight attendant is well traveled and we enjoyed comparing travel stories, realized how many places I’ve been.  I’m so damn high strung, Asian guys have a calming zen like impact on me which I enjoy. So a nice evening.

William, who had kinda of been hiding, re-emerged. I think he’s in shock that I actually moved out. He didn’t think I would do it. Well, dude, I did. I guess he really doesn’t know me after all. When I set my mind on something, there is no force on earth that can stop me, try not to step in the way, otherwise you’ll be collateral damage.

Amazingly, even Eduardo (a young Mexican-American) re-emerged, eagerly emailing me with questions about my apartment. His parents are in town for the 4th, we’ll see where this goes. I like something about him, can’t put my finger on it, need to spend some time with him to figure out.

So I’ll float on into the holiday week.