It’s 3:30 a.m London time. and TC is drunk (call me surprised), sitting in front of the London Eye (another astonisher), trying to roller blade home (an amazing feat) and bitching it me (what else). He’s been at G.A.Y. Late which (I know this is gonna be a shocker), is a gay late night club full of prancing boys. He’s bitching because 3 young guys offered to “take him home”, one a Brazilian and TC didn’t take kindly to my comment that even I’d have had to give that some serious thought. He continues all he wants is this old man. He’s complaining how I’ve “ruined him”.

Today, TC’s back on the train heading to his aunts and talking about his former roommate and boyfriend. He is hitting 30 now and TC is seeing Steven in a new light. Steven has had a series of meaningless relationships (mostly sexually driven, the “I’ll pop by on Saturday evening” for some fun), TC realizing that Steven really has never had an intimate relationship and worries more that he never well. Steven has got bitter, bitter about his life and his prospect. Worse, Steven has started¬† throwing TC some double edged comments and advice.¬† saw this in my early flame, William, passive aggressive behaviour.¬† TC has lots of issues, but emotionally he’s got a hold of himself.

We are all mis-prints from the printing press of life and I’ve yet to find the perfect person. The reality is I’m simply looking for someone to match up against my own ragged edges.