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As luck would have it, Eduardo, answered my email today. Eduardo is a DC-based Mexican-American, late 20’s,  who I’d met in the spring. I really liked him, but he politely dumped me as I was married. I respected this but still wanted to be friends. So over the weekend, I emailed him.

His response was polite. What could of been, didn’t happen because I was married and we both just moved on. He indicated he was now seeing someone and that while “everything was not perfect”, he was happy.

He concluded that I would indeed find someone special and urged me to be patient. I replied back thanking him and hoping we might see each other again.

I’m suddenly depressed. Why? No idea. He responded. He was quite nice. I’ll write when I return and we’ll get together. I’ve got each foot in a different world, this is starting to rip me apart. I have to make some decision here for the good of all. I too needy.

Prof. Tim called offered me their guest room for my forthcoming trip to Chicago. That’s really quite nice, wasn’t expecting that. Though this might put a serious crimp on my sleazing (“staying at mom’s & dad’s”), not sure I want to be sleazng.

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  1. LOL. Will try to cheer you up tomorrow!

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