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Earlier this summer, one of our British employees came down to Australia to help with a project. Classic intellectual, tweed jacket, looked at his shoes a lot, Phd intelligent, and like all things British, failing to remember that no one cares what the f’ the UK is doing. Smart guy though.

Alcohol not being my friend. We all went out to dinner. I’m tired, tipsy and curled up in the corner of my cage, tail twitching now and again and he had to come “ask my opinion” on something stupid related to business. Well, having just a little energy left, I ignored the question and proceeded to give him $5000 worth of therapy in 5 minutes about what he should be doing with his life. Brits don’t take that well, they get all stuffed up, mumble something about the Queen and amble off with a hushed apology. There, don’t fuck with me at night.  But he’s a smart guy.

Thus it was with surprise that I opened an email from this guy today sent to my personal address. He wanted to tell me he had resigned from the company and was starting his own new venture. He thanked me for the straight talk (that I know barely remember what I said) and said he thought about what I’d said for days afterwards and realized I was “spot on” (I can’t do the accent) and it was just the urging he had needed to get on with things in his life. He closed on a positive note, asked for my continued support in his new venture and wanted to stay in touch.

So there, fuck you too. You certainly don’t love me, but you can count on me to be truthful and reasonably accurate. I’m happy for him. Or rather I’m happy he made a decision, one he knew he needed to make, but just need a swift kick in the ass to do it. It won’t be easy. Days he will regret it. But I got the sense he is alive again. Kicking and fighting. Blood circulating, thoughts processing and actions taken.

Life is no time to practice being dead.

Me? I re-positioning. In 10 years China will be the biggest economy in the world and I’ve got to figure out how to snare money out of it. I got Scrappy a new dog house overlooking the Hong Kong harbour (I closed by eyes at the price) and his mother has sufficiently recovered that he will re-appear, barking, yelping and pissing on the carpet I hope within the next 2 weeks.



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  1. good for you proactively moving towards the future in your business/career. It is too easy for me to just sit back and go with the flow – inertia is so strong. I need a session with someone like you, but not sure if that would even work…

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