I was one little busy beaver in Chicago and I even worked a bit too 🙂 But I got a tad unnerved, guys were hitting on me. This doesn’t happen to me in DC? I must appeal to the Whole Food’s element in the Midwest or something.

I was telling Richard about this when some guy pops up and says “hi”. Hi back, now go away. “You’re not lying”, Richard says after a 2nd guy does the same thing. Nope. One guy the previous night had followed me all around the bar until I finally looked at him, smiled and said, “No. Final answer.” He went away. I don’t think I’m some hot property or look like a mercy play. But I don’t know how to handle these advances. I’m OK with being rude but my Southern manners always seem to kick in (damn my mother).

>Normally, it’s me doing the chasing. That’s the role I play. Thinking I clearly don’t want to come off like some of the guys did to me. Maybe in the gay world there are chasers and chasors. So many new rules, got to order that book on Amazon. I appreciate people putting themselves out there, it’s the only way to increase your “circle”, but some folks come off far too creepy for me.

No matter, I’m going to have to modify myself to fit the situation otherwise I can only blame myself for looking stupid or too eager. See below rules for “It’s your fault”.