I have a Facebook account and this would not seem to be unique. Seems 750 million other people have one. For the life of me, I can’t figure it out, it seems like an incredible waste of time. I had met a guy back in DC who told me he was “cutting back his hours” of using each month. Hours?

Facebook seems to encourage the “I’m having a helluva better time than whatever you are doing” attitude. People posting that “they’re at Starbucks having a latte”. Who gives a fuck? Then you have the voyagers, who seem to relish reading about other peoples lives (is that you BTW?) as if they are indeed more interesting than you own.

There is of course the question who do you except friend invites from. Facebook allows you to define various friend levels. Sounds like some airline frequent flyer program to me. And you can control what you see from others. But here again, why in hell would I devote anytime to this.

My issue was simple, I have friends, true friends, all 2 of them, 10 people I know, 15 people who know me thru people I know, work colleagues, old girlfriends and and and. At one point I had about 30 people in the queue begging to be my friend. But ask just one of them for a blow job and see where that gets you. Now that would be a true friend.

Rather than fret about this. I have made virtually everything on my Facebook invisible and happily accept invitations from anyone. You may have to wait though. I only log on once a month.

One might argue that THIS blog is just a super Facebook wall of whatever I want to rant about and indeed it is. But keep in mind, I started the original blog to answer the ultimate question – are you going to be OK? Or rather am I going to be OK.

The answer has been a resounding YES. I am OK. I lost a family, job and people I thought were friends in the transaction but I also gained something. Respect for myself. I’ve met new folks. Have embarked upon new paths. Is it better or worse? I have no idea. But it’s life and I now own my own life.

Facebook encourages you to think too much about how you might appear to various “interest” groups or to feed your need for self worth. I get all that and I’m not saying that’s bad. We all want to feel good about ourselves and we all have outlets for how we accomplish it. Malcolm Gladwell wrote in a recent book about the ego of a some rich philanthropist who gave money for an educational building or hospital and demanded to get their name on the building. He noted that many of us are aghast at this brazen show of ego, but Malcolm countered that the building got built and may not have otherwise. So let them have their ego he reasoned.

So I’m happy to be your “friend” just don’t expect to hear from me all that often.