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Image304 Bunch of nothing interesting stuff: my boys will be here tomorrow and we’ll have some bonding time, I’m off to the States next week for business, I return on the 11th and Tiger Cub is booked to fly to Germany as well, I’m bringing my cub home, Prof. Tim has found some frequent flyers miles and will come to Germany as well on the 19th and we’re going to whore it up in Barcelona for the weekend (close your eyes – don’t it feel good), Sydney Boy (ain’t he cute) is coming to Germany later in the month as well. I never can get enough brown love. Got it?

I think I’ve reached some mid-point. Kinda of comfortable with how things are, kinda uncomfortable for where things are going. But you have to make progress. The journey continues, get a coffee, but you can’t stop.

I scan a lot of gay blogs and sadly sense deep issues in many of the writings. No surprise that gay therapy is a booming business. These guys seem mainly uncomfortable with themselves. It shows if they post hot boy photos and write how they oogled some stud at Starbucks (something they would never admit in real life), it shows in trying reassure themselves that they have their life together (“I’m doing OK, glad my friends are there to help”), or stuck in some non-productive pattern (“why do I keep acting this way?”).

I’m wondering whether they read their own blog entries? I seem to have no trouble dissecting your issues, so why do you have trouble? I’ll apply some business logic here. As a manager, the employee who frighten me most is the one who has a huge gap in what they preceive their skills are and what their skills really are. For example, I’m shitty at detail work, I paint with a can, wish I could be more detail oriented but I ain’t so that’s that. F*ck you for trying to change me, so don’t ask . A person who doesn’t know their weaknesses will be forever skating on thin ice and wondering why they fell thru the ice.

So read your writing, learn from it, steer away from crap you’re poor at and accelerate on the stuff you do well at. This “well rounded individual” talk is a bunch of shit. We’re all handicapped, so play to your strength and whack the crap out of the ball. You can’t pray the gay away, I tried.


  1. You prayed……now that a novel idea. But as it happens I have no interest in not being gay. I like myself more and more. And yeah I have weaknessess (is that the correct spelling?).

  2. Fantastic post and so right on. Now I have to go read my blogs…of course I blog to figure out my weaknesses and of course show them to the world.

  3. So on point Christ. Those damn queers who think they are “all together,” “just right” the “it” guys. You are so right; they should learn from their posts. So many of them think it’s about looks, seeking that “younger” “sexier” “it guy” who will make them feel “younger,” more vibrant. If they oould only learn to be comfortable with their own skins. By contrast, your post is so magnificantly humble and understanding of other people’s frailty. As I keep saying,”keep poting!”

  4. You and your brown love! LOL….

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