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It’s raining, 72 degrees F and limited visibility in St. Thomas USVI, C6FV8 is running late due to the weather and docked at 8.30 a.m. instead of 8 as scheduled. No matter, few passengers are likely up at this hour, having partied into the night.  C6FV8 will be the only ship in port today.

Over on the far east side of the island, in a condo, TC is scampering around. He arrived in the pitch black last night at 10 p.m. The condo facility has no restaurant, no front desk, and it’s a 5 min walk back to the guard house. His tiger stomach growling now, he needs food. He’s rushing to get to the ship, a busy day ahead. Signing of more paperwork, ship photo ID and a quick training course. With the poor weather, the spa will likely be hopping today and he’ll be thrown into the fire to help out. The required safety briefing will have to wait.

He’s not happy. The Caribbean is not ‘gay’ friendly, he knows all too well, being Caribbean himself.  TC is a ‘bit’ out there, (big surprise), and he’ll endure glances on the street. We both recognize that communications will be strained until he figures out the various tools available. He’s also not happy about running a pedestrian cruise route and already working the chain of command to transfer to a more exclusive ship. My tiger can do snoody quite well.

I have barely left my apartment all weekend, busy working on the gay professional group website. It looks good, user registration, photo gallery, event RSVP and automated emails. I must qualify as a geek. I’m IM’ing with the black guy who started the group about some of the web particulars. I jokingly said my entire purpose was to find his blond hair/blue eyed mate for him. 5’8″ to 6’0″ I wrote.

He replied, 5’9″ – 6’0″. I thought for a minute he was joking. He quickly wrote, “I must be physically attracted to them”. I realized he was serious. My god, no wonder this guy is alone. He’s a mid-30’s professional, you might think he’s learned something. What it appears he’s learned is how to make his checklist very detailed.

I’m afraid many gay guys will themselves into unhappiness by simply setting up to many barriers that a prospect has to hop over. As I’ve written, you are flying in the face of statistical evidence, the gay guy selection department isn’t a Home Depot with 12 different hammers to choose from, we’re all shopping at Ace Hardware, 1 hammer, take it or leave it.

Unfortunately, my hammer is on a cruise ship bound for St. Croix, 40 miles away. Truthfully, I’m a little sad.


  1. Don’t worry….once he experiences the misery of being a cruise ship slave he’ll be back in your bed. Three weeks….anyone else want to wager?

  2. This is a great and funny post. Your poor little hammer will be back home very soon. I think…I bet. I got a nice Brazilian hammer over the weekend..lots of hammering actually…kindda hurts now! LOL

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