Hope all is well at work. I had a fun time with you yesterday, but now I need to get something off my chest…. I can’t date you.

You are a great guy, someone I’m attracted to, but right now I feel like you need to resolve some things before jumping into another relationship, especially someone like me. You know that’s only fair for both of us.

You have my number, so you can always call/text me when you are in the city and want to grab a drink!

Prologue: I’m not hurt (though I did get pretty damned depressed). I’m not surprised though. It was the right thing for him to do. It makes me admire him even more. Like an octopus, I would have gotten my tentacles around him in time. I would have used every bit of my charm to convince him of something (what, I have no idea, but something).

But I wouldn’t be closer to my answer. I have my answer. It’s time to act and get on with the show.