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So here I sit at Gatwick Airport, unshaven, tired, worn out and possibly stinking of either curry or booze, perhaps both. Prof. Tim and I sitting at the beginning of a moving sidewalk grading the boys as they silently roll by.

TC is still in London, he will fly back Thursday night. A drama moment with TCs former boyfriend/roommate revealed how difficult relationships can be to get over. More on that later. For TC the weekend in London has been a combination reality check and emotional checkpoint for him.

More on that later as well. Tomorrow is an in office day and I ll have a detailed posting tomorrow.


  1. OMG! (I know, I can do valley girl really good.) I can hardly wait for the next installment. TC had a run in with his former? NFW! That little cub of yours is so cute. I’m glad you let him stay in London till Thursday. He’s been thru a lot and needs a little party vacation. Can hardly wait ’till your next installment! Do tell all! Love your blog? L-)

  2. “Grading” is more accurately described as Chris sitting there with his tongue out like a dog in heat 🙂

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