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Dust in the Wind

Single  in the City berating me via email that I need to get on or off with the relationship with TC. Ah .. but I have learned from my experiences. The situation I have right now with TC is incredibly simple. I’m trying to sort out my life and that’s priority 1.  He is doing similar.

We were all quite logic about how & why TC returned to Toronto and how the game would hopefully play out. What we failed, once again, to account for is our mutual emotion for each other. In short, we don’t like being far away from each other. We’d be quite content alone on a desert island. I don’t know what the magical compound that binds us together, suffice that we’ve both thought long and hard about it and have  decided to throw caution to the wind, ignore what may be obvious and simply put our hearts on the line and ride it out.

We both have recognized that gay relationships are difficult. Like Dust in the Wind, they’re all but one stiff breeze from blowing away. Queers pride themselves on being independent, running at the first shot fired, blogging about why they’re alone. Let me be the first to say, I’m emotionally dependent upon TC and feel similar radiating back from him.

Odd birds that we might be, we value what we’ve got. Prof. Tim handicapping the situation, is betting TC folds up shop in a month and heads back home with me. I hope so, we’re both happier that way. Growling brown tiger that he is.


  1. Hi Chris,

    I reread your blog over the last few days; it’s a terrific story. SITC has a point. Is it time to begin to lay the groundwork for a permanent relationship (i.e. marriage, domestic partnership, or civil union)? Is it time to begin amicable divorce proceedings? Being legally available will boost your credibility with TC. You mentioned in one post the value of staying married (tax benefits). The down side is you have an unstable platform for a new relationship. Time to throw out an anchor to hold against those breezes.

    Of course, the downside for me if you married is that you would stop writing this blog.


    PS: Are you afraid your marriage would look like this:

  2. I’m just showing you “tough love” in the same way you have shown it to me…I want you to be happy and enjoy reading about you and TC. You two seem to be made for each other. I’ve seen that chemistry….

  3. Howling at the video posting, sadly it looks awfully like my life, where going to the grocery store is the ‘highlight’ of the day!

  4. Gay relationship are difficult……how about relationships in general are difficult. They take a hell of a lot of work, and unfortunately after awhile, mostly we aren’t willing to put that much work into it. Being lazy appears like a much easier path. After all you can always find a new “relationship” can’t you.

    Quite honestly Chris I believe that both you and TC are “putting work” into this relationship. Sure it’s not as conventional as most…..but the dynamics of your situation are far different than most…….so what you guys just keep doing what works for you… least you’re “working” on it.

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