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Well folks, the odometer turned today. I’m 49. I am officially old. But unlike you, I got to sleep with my 26 yo boyfriend last night and odds are good, I’ll get to sleep with him again tonight. So there, try that with your mush tonight, bunch of old geezers all of you. I’m living the dream baby!

Unfortunately, I’ve been preoccupied with my career and economy which is outside the scope of why you bother popping round here each day. Hence the fewer postings.

TC is here and being quite supportive, he surprised me with a beautiful gift basket early this morning and attempted to make breakfast (my famous puppy pancakes, which he hates, but I like). I am not sure what my emotional state would be in without him here at the moment. At the end of the day, I’m a loner, I don’t need nor desire large groups of people or circles of friends to keep me happy. I only need a few and for now, he’s it.

I haven’t bothered to think what his fate or rather our fate together will be. I do want to be considerate of his life and what he wants to accomplish but it’s difficult in my current state of mind. I have other stories to tell you, things for you to think about, but this will all have to wait for tonight I celebrate, I’m not sure if it’s about the beginning or the end.


  1. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have just what you needed for this birthday 🙂 Am glad to hear you two are with each other once again

  2. Happy birthday you old sexy fox! I miss your emails…but I guess you are busy with your life and pup #1. I’m off again in a week to South Africa:) looking fwd to it!

  3. Happy Birthday 🙂

  4. Many happy returns and all that…….I know what it’s like working for yourself…’s not a fun thing in this economy……chin up.

  5. Happy birthday… We are the same age! Except I have 5 more years of experience, and my man is much older than your’s (he is 38)

    Regardless… Enjoy what you have on your 49th!

    Love ya man


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